Wilderness Programs

Readiness for change can be accomplished through placement in a wilderness program. These programs help all types of students free themselves from a pattern of negative behaviors. This often includes the distractions of technology, school failure, and oppositional and high-risk behaviors as well as isolative and “acting in” behaviors. The licensed, sophisticated therapists with whom our clients work use the wilderness to help empower young people to let go of the destructive coping strategies that have evolved. As a result, they can begin to internalize the process of change. Through character-building activities, feelings of physical health, intensive group therapy, individualized therapy and directed assignments, our clients gain the self-awareness and confidence necessary to work towards positive change. Wilderness programs are short-term (8-10 weeks) and are located in a variety of settings not always in the actual wilderness. The term “wilderness” is used to refer to a distraction-free environment allowing individuals to press the “reset” button. Often the family system is able to open communication supporting further healing and growth.