Understanding the Process

What is an IEP, 504, CSE, FBA, PPT or BIP??? As you stare blankly at the several pairs of eyes around the table, you’re then told your child has ADD and should be classified OHI. By now you are surely thinking, “I need help ASAP!” Navigating the maze of the special education world can be overwhelming and confusing. As a parent it all seems very cut and dry: if my child is struggling, the school will provide my child with what they need to be successful! Unfortunately, it is just not that simple. Parents need a helping hand in understanding just how the process works. As your advocate we are there to help explain the intricacies of the special education system, your rights as a parent and how the law provides for your child to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education or FAPE.

We will provide you with our expertise as we walk you through step-by-step from your initial request for eligibility to obtaining and understanding evaluations, drafting letters, meeting attendance and ensuring that your child obtains the program, placement and services to which they are entitled.