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Traditional College Placement

For parents and students, finding the most appropriate college match is a critical life decision. We are here to help you navigate through this often-frenzied process. Our goal is to streamline the procedure with one focus: the right decision for you and your teen. Our time is spent helping you to understand your very best options, and accompanying you from the start of your school consideration through to the college admittance decision.

The College List: We provide direction and advice for the best college match from multiple perspectives. Our personal client meetings help us understand your teen’s needs from an academic, social and emotional perspective. They help us create a profile targeting a college list appropriate to your teen’s goals, assets, and educational abilities. That targeted list reduces senior year stress, quells anxiety, and focuses time and energy in a highly directed way.

Campus Visits: We spend 30% of our time visiting schools across the country. Every school is unique, and it is important to understand their educational options, curricula, campus culture and special programs. Time is spent searching for the “hidden gems” that may not be readily known, but can make a student’s college education unforgettable.

How Admissions Works: Every school has its own educational priorities and its own admission practices that vary greatly. We are intimately familiar with the admissions process and will help you understand the possibilities. A large university’s admissions practices differ from those of small, liberal arts colleges. Each school’s institutional priorities differ from one another. While one school may be looking for a musician, another may be looking for a third baseman. Some schools will look for students who can benefit from research facilities while others may be looking for students who will likely contribute to the value of service that the university espouses. As an applicant you want to do your best to make sure your application appeals to the schools on your list.

Our College Consulting Process:

  • We evaluate student’s data inclusive of transcripts, GPA, and standardized testing scores.
  • Conduct an in-depth dialog with both student and family about their high school experience and hopes for the future. Evaluate learning style, abilities, interests and goals to create a student profile.
  • Determine an initial college list meeting the criteria of you and your teen. Continue to refine this list as more information becomes available.
  • Recommend specific college visits during the junior year of high school.
  • Plan an SAT and ACT testing schedule. Follow-up with evaluation and aid in any tutoring needs.
  • Advise on senior year courses, summer programs, and extra curricular activities to attract targeted schools.
  • Review the early decision/early action process.
  • Financial aid and merit aid review session.
  • Refine and revisit your college list continually.
  • Resume development.
  • Guide the essay process with strategic emphasis to attract the attention of those schools identified as priority choices.
  • Application completion before deadlines.