Specialized Day and Boarding Schools

It is painful to watch your children struggle and not achieve to their full potential. Each day you watch your child face social and learning challenges that impact their self- esteem and their fortitude, and you know their current learning environment is not the only possibility. Parents come to us with children and adolescents presenting a wide range of learning challenges:

Language-based learning disabilities

Non-verbal learning disabilities

Spectrum disorders

Auditory processing disorders

Cognitive disabilities

We work as a team to provide possibilities for students with a wide variety of challenges.  Myrna is a certified special education teacher with years of teaching and administrative experience. Jodi has been a special education advocate for over 12 years, working closely with school systems and attorneys.  Marcia has counseled hundreds of college students with disabilities and is keenly aware of what they need to achieve in their high school years.  We take the worry out of the process of finding the right school for your child.

Small Supportive Boarding Schools

We travel to schools that range in capacity from 40-400.  The common denominator is that each of these schools offers learning support in a structured and specialized way. Some offer individual tutorials, others have robust tutorial programs and some are designed especially with differentiated learning as their core philosophy. Some of these schools offer counseling on campus, and many arrange for off-campus counseling.

Specialized Boarding and Day Schools

We keep current with best practices in educating children and adolescents with special learning needs.  While many schools offer learning support, some students require a  “culture of support”- social pragmatics, executive functioning, and/or specific instruction in the application of learning strategies.  Specialized schools target their academic, social and residential curriculum to the needs of students who are fragile learners. These schools are designed to target the remedial and compensatory needs of a specific learning or social challenge. They carefully review psycho-educational testing to make sure they have the resources needed to meet your child’s needs and then provide a learning plan that will address either academic, cognitive, social or neuro-atypical disorders.