Special Education Advocacy

We work with families who are struggling to obtain special education services and who seek solutions to the stress and frustration the process brings to their lives. Many of our clients come to us without a special education classification, and we help support them in acquiring appropriate services from their school districts. Our initial meeting will include a thorough review of all school records and past testing as well as an in-depth discussion of your child’s strengths and struggles. Our assistance may include obtaining an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or 504 Accommodation plan, related services, goal setting, evaluations, and guidance in selecting appropriate programs and placements. Most parents we work with describe their frustration with a school district that provides more obstacles than answers, often leaving them feeling mislead, overwhelmed, unprepared and alone.

We advocate for our clients at all levels of their journey and have great expertise with those who need help navigating the supports that their home school districts offer. Our successful experiences negotiating with the educational systems of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and championing change for our clients, is based upon our intimate knowledge of special education law.

When necessary, we will collaborate with your attorney or we can make a referral for legal counsel.