Myrna Harris



Myrna Harris has a career spanning 30+ years as an administrator, special educator, teacher, and leader in a variety of settings: hospitals, residential treatment centers, and urban and suburban school districts. Myrna has been an Independent Educational Consultant since 2008 serving clients with learning differences, behavioral challenges, psychiatric issues, spectrum disorders and dual diagnosis needs. She has had the privilege of serving hundreds off struggling families during her professional career. She has a strong collegial relationship with many professionals in the metropolitan area and has been invited to be a panelist at professional forums as well as a speaker for parent-sponsored gatherings.

Myrna holds a Masters degree in Special Education from Fordham University, as well as a post-graduate degree from Columbia University Teachers College in Educational Administration and Leadership. She is a licensed New York State Special Education teacher and New York State School and District Administrator. As a former Adjunct Instructor of graduate and undergraduate education courses, and a speaker to both educators and parents, she has given numerous national, state, and local workshops and seminars on meeting the instructional and behavioral needs of students with challenges.

Myrna is a Nationally Certified Educational Planner (AICEP) and her Professional organizations and affiliations include: Therapeutic Consultants Association (TCA) the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), and the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA); Advisory roles include: former advisor and program development for Ramapo for Children, as well as the Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership (ASTEP).

For the last five years, Myrna has developed an expertise in the area of adolescent and adult substance abuse.  She has worked with respected clinicians, as well as visited programs locally and throughout the country learning best practices that serve to educate and eradicate this national epidemic.  

Myrna began her career committed to kids who needed more to succeed. Some needed more attention in the way of resources and programming; others needed more sophisticated clinical and academic attention, and most needed to be seen and heard as unique. Families work with Myrna because she will see your family as unique among the hundreds she has served. And, she will work tirelessly to find the resources and programming to help your child and family succeed.

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