Jodi Liston, President and Managing Director, works tirelessly helping children, adolescents and young adults with educational, behavioral, emotional, psychiatric and dual-diagnosis needs to receive the support and interventions necessary to thrive. Jodi’s strength in effectively assessing complex cases that require therapeutic interventions, coupled with her experience in educational advocacy, has served her clients well for more than twenty-five years.

Prior to her partnership with Harris Kramer & Liston, she was the founder and director of Liston Advocates, a private practice specializing in providing special education consulting and advocacy services. Jodi’s career in educational advocacy began at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, where she became an expert in effectively navigating the educational legal system in order to obtain services for children with special needs.

Jodi’s ability to make optimal placements for her clients is the result of her focusing on their individual strengths, challenges, and needs. Jodi takes great care to forge strong relationships with program leaders and staff, including admissions directors, clinicians, and educational administrators to assure the most perfect fit for her clients. It is the culmination of years of touring schools and programs throughout the US and beyond coupled with Jodi’s keen awareness of the unique needs of her clients, that make it possible for her to ensure her client’s success.

Jodi is a graduate of Emerson University and her professional organizations and affiliations include: The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Therapeutic Consultants Association (TCA), The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Small Boarding School Association (SBSA), and The Council of Parents, Attorneys & Advocates (COPAA). She is also a founding member of Parents United Learning the Special Education System (PULSES) in Orange County, New York

Jodi’s compassion, calm, warmth, and tenacity make her an exceptional professional partner, providing possibilities for families in crisis.

Contact Jodi: 914. 401. 4442 :