Jessi brings extensive experience to our team, having worked with adolescents and their families in wilderness therapy and residential treatment for the majority of her career as a mental health counselor, which has spanned 15 years.  

After completing her Master’s degree at Montana State University, where she studied in the marriage and family track of her program, Jessi worked in a variety of settings, including a community health clinic, a university counseling center and in private practice.  It was through her work with a client in her private practice that Jessi found her way to wilderness therapy where she worked as a primary therapist with adolescents and their parents.  She rapidly developed a respect for this treatment approach and deeply valued the quiet reflection afforded under Montana’s big sky to the adolescents with whom she worked. 

While her clients never initially wanted to be there, they always adapted and consistently departed after a unique experience with new insight and a perspective shift.  Jessi’s wilderness therapy work later took her to Utah where she additionally co-facilitated family workshops and expanded her networking experience with various wilderness and residential programs around the country.  

Seeking a fresh professional challenge and opportunity for longer-term work with clients led Jessi to an adolescent girls’ residential treatment center in Salt Lake City.  It was there that she continued to facilitate healing, coping, empathy, accountability and vastly improved communication within the individuals and families with whom she worked.  

Jessi currently works in a therapeutic and coaching capacity with families, adolescents and young adults.  Her approach is characterized by deep respect for individuals’ inclination to do the best they can with the resources they have while empathetically coaching her clients toward growth and deeper connection with themselves and their loved ones.  This process may entail referring parents to do their individual work to address trauma or spill-over from their respective family of origin.  Jessi’s approach is direct yet compassionate as she believes people must first feel seen and heard, then they are enabled to courageously step into doing their difficult and transformative work.  Jessi believes in clients’ capacity for change and trusts in their innate desire to be the best versions of themselves.