“Exhausted” is often the best way to describe the condition of the parents and children we meet.

Parental “exhaustion” takes many forms

· deteriorating communication with your spouse and other children

· lack of ability to set and hold boundaries with your child

· a feeling of anger at your child and sadness for him/her and the state of their circumstances

This exhaustion often leads to a general feeling of helplessness and failure in your role as a parent.  The children and young adults whom we serve have “exhausted” most of their options leaving them with: destructive family relationships, dysfunctional school relationships, damaged work relationships, a desire to self-medicate through a myriad of addictive behaviors, denials, or disengagement.

Repeated failure, alienation and isolation have compromised the ability to organize and apply effort leaving them unable to generate support for their emotional, learning-based or psychiatric challenges.

Issues our clients face include:

Bipolar Disorder
Substance Abuse
Anger and Defiance
Depression and Anxiety
Self-Esteem Issues
Eating Disorders
School Avoidance
Borderline Personality Disorder
Suicidal Ideation
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Grief and Trauma

As professionals committed to providing possibilities for these young people and their families, we understand this “exhaustion” very well.

We place our clients in environments that offer them the best chance to grow and develop skills and a mindset to take control and responsibility for themselves. We rely on the quality of the relationships we build. Our programs are staffed with professionals who we know and visit regularly.

Our focus is not on finding “a fit”, but upon finding “the right fit” – one that is strength(s)-based, and provides an effective and successful milieu and staff to address our clients’ needs.

A therapeutic setting is often the right place to rebuild strength and motivation, and overcome “exhaustion.” These settings range from transitional living programs to hospital-based treatment programs. 

The choice is driven by the challenge. We provide the possibilities.

Explore some of the solutions below: