A student advocate with over 25 years of experience in both counseling psychology and education, Diana holds a Bachelor's Degree from Hamilton College and two Master’s degrees: one, from New York University, in adolescent and adult counseling psychology, and one in education from Pace University. Diana believes in a highly personalized college consulting approach. Getting to know the applicant well, assessing the student and family's needs, and identifying strengths and concerns help her to provide both an individually supportive and effective admissions process.

"While the objective is getting into a school of your choice, the process should be exciting not fear and anxiety inducing. While this often can't be entirely avoided, every effort is made to channel this energy into more productive outlets and to focus on what makes this one of the most memorable and amazing times in a young adult’s life."

Diana’s background and continuing education has provided her with the expertise to work with students who require many different types of scaffolding: from essay assistance and interviewing techniques to providing specific support for ADHD/ADD, processing issues, anxiety, ASD, executive functioning, visual impairments, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.

The college admissions process demands strong organization and diligence to admissions protocols. Diana provides each student with his or her own specific road map and a journey overseen, every step of the way, by an experienced, knowledgeable consultant. As she has visited many campuses and continues to do so, she is very familiar with the majors and special programs offered, learning centers and supports services, and the ins and outs of school specific admissions policies and procedures.

“ In the end, I wish this for every student: a successful and rewarding experience culminating in admission to a school community where the student can grow and excel. Where one goes to college matters and not just for the more overt reasons. Being happy, being challenged, fitting into a community, having fun while learning, knowing you're in the right place, reaching toward the future you envision, this is why kids go to college."

Contact Diana: 914.401.4442 : diana@harriskramer.com