College Placement

The landscape of college admissions is totally different today than when parents of teens were college students themselves. There are more students than ever going to college and the same number of colleges as there were in the 1980s. So how do we advise students about how to find the right school given the level of stress surrounding this process? We work with students and teach them to focus on their strengths in order to find the schools that will work for them. We collaborate with students, teaching them the skills necessary to make the process work seamlessly and painlessly.

We travel all over the country looking at schools that are well-known as well as those that are hidden gems. In fact, most of our students end up enjoying applying to college and learning something about themselves in the process. Our students become excited about the possibility of college when they learn about places they knew nothing about previously. Some students come from traditional high schools, while others have followed a path which has been more circuitous and who may not have had as easy an adolescence. Many of these students fear they will not have the chance to go to college as their past may get in the way. We have had success with clients who do not fit the typical profile of a college-bound student and stand ready to help any student who wants the college experience. Our expertise lies in knowing when to offer alternatives to a traditional four-year college. There are a variety of options for the student who may not yet be ready for a traditional college experience or who may have needs that cannot be met in a traditional four-year school.